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a small haiku for you

            pleased with final looks
                    proud of our abilities
                            thankful for the love!

The Encore team loves every part of helping people reinvent themselves through hair (and sometimes personality) but also just enhancing natural beauty.

rochelle s 11-3-2012 pin

We take pride in each and every color, cut, highlight, blowdry, Brazilian Blowout, quick bang trim, updo, relaxer and perm that we do and relish in the love you all give back. We are so thankful to have you all!

Speaking of “thanks”, we also want to thank every one of the 1341 people who have repinned one of our hot blondes with a bob. Yes, one thousand three hundred forty-one repins as of today! Here it is at right, or click the words for a direct link and more information about the picture we call Encore’s Most Pinned on Pinterest! Enjoy our other pins too!

Thanks again ladies and gentlemen!
Melissa – Salon Director


Products to be Proud of; Aveda Color Conserve

The Aveda Color Conserve line is great for those with artificial color or highlights. The shampoo is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the color from the hair. The conditioner help to lock the color in and protect the hair against UV fading.
color conserve

The other two items in this line are the Strengthening Treatment and the Daily Color Protect. The Strengthening Treatment is a maske conditioner so it has similar benefits to the regular conditioner but with more hutzpah! It is designed to be used after shampooing and left on for a few minutes before rinsing. Daily Color Protect helps to seal in color and prevent fading for up to 6 weeks (Aveda’s guarantee). This is used like a leave-in treatment applied to damp hair and left in the hair to air dry or in heat styling.

If you have colored hair, these products and products like these should be your hair’s best friends. Stop in to see us and see what products might be best for you and your hair and hair-color needs!

See you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

The Bigger the Better

Encore recently had the pleasure of glamming up some beauties for a wedding. The bridal party was 8 strong not including the bride! We had fun creating unique and classy up-do styles as well as a few fabulous blowdries for the moms with shorter hair. Almost every stylist got in on the action to make the few hours these ladies spent in the salon a special memory for all. Here is a little collage of the afternoon…
emily merritt bridal party
We love getting caught up in the excitement of a wedding! As always, don’t forget to think of Encore for your wedding or special event up-do and fancy blowdry needs! We have several stylists that are ready and able to perfect any style you throw at them for weddings, galas, proms, or other special events.

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

Products to be Proud of; New Kerastase Nutritive

Remember back to May of 2013 when I described the benefits of the original Kerastase Nutritive orange line? If you said ‘yes’ but shook your head ‘no’ you can click here to go back and read about the line or just take my word for it – it was great for normal to dry hair!
nutritive irisome The new Nutritive line is similar to the old line in that it treats normal to dry hair from the inside out, offering moisture and natural shine. However, the new line uses Iris rhizomes which are kind of like plant roots (but a little bit more complicated) that add antioxidants and extra proteins to the products for even more softness and nourishing moisture. Most of the names of the new products are the same as before – Bain Satin 1 and Bain Satin 2 (shampoos), Lait Vital (conditioner), and Masquintense for fine hair and Masqueintense for thick hair (deep conditioning masks).
The two NEW, new products added to the Nutritive line are Immersion Nutritive and Touche Perfection. Immersion Nutritive (the larger bottle) is a pre-shampoo for very dry hair that adds protein and vitamins before shampooing the hair. Touche Perfection (the skinnier bottle) is a replenishing balm to nourish and smooth dry hair after blow drying or air drying. Touche Perfection is one of those great moisturizers to keep in your purse or your desk at work that helps rehydrate and tame static fly-aways that always seem to pop up halfway through the day! So feel free to stop in and ask us all kinds of questions about these and other new products!

See you soon!
Melissa – Salon Director

to trend or not to trend…

…that is the question! With two fun, fresh trendy color styles why wouldn’t you go for a change?! To help you decide to “get-er-done” I will try to explain the differences between ombre, the hot trend that is still trending, and balayage (bah-lay-azh… think ‘Taj’ Mahal), the new trend on the Trending Train to Trendom. . . . . what?

The ever popular ombre style can include drastic color changes as well as more refined, gradient looks. Ombre generally refers to a style where the root color is darker than the color of the ends of the hair. Usually people keep their natural hair color as the base color or use something close to it to allow for an easy grow-out process. Sometimes we see reverse ombre or brightly colored ombre variations.
ombre looks The ombre style is most beautifully worn curly so get our your round brushes and curling irons. Here are examples →   on the left is a drastic color change and on the right is a beautiful, more gradient color change (actual color, cut, & style on the right is by our very own stylist – Hedieh!)
balayage looks The trend coming back for a 2014 revival is the balayage technique. Balayage as a technique started in France in the 70’s. The word is literally translated to “sweeping” which is the way a stylist ‘sweeps’ or paints the color onto the hair. ← This is sometimes used by itself and sometimes combined with the ombre style to give it a more fluid transition between colors. Generally, balayage is used to offer “sun-kissed” highlights or a more subtle change to the hair. The picture on left shows a more contrasting “sun-kissed” look while the right side show SJP with a subtle combination of ombre and balayage to soften the color around her face. Isn’t she hot?

So if you are hip and want a fresh start for your locks this spring (happy first day of spring today!) then stop on in and we’ll make it happen together!

See you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

Pretty in Purple

P U R P L E – it’s so hot right now

Here are a few purple dos just for yous! Check out some of our lovely ladies from left to right – super hot purple highlights on a fresh purple base (color/cut by Lisa), double-take lowlights for a bright blondie (color/cut by Cindy), funky “get back to class” two toned purple lowlights (color/cut by Joyce).

purple mashup

Stop in to get your purple on! See you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

Products to be Proud of; Kerastase Resistance +

As we get back to the product education side of this blog, we see a few of our old favorites reformulated and repackaged. The previous Volumactive line got a face lift and is now going by the name – Volumifique! This volumizing line is under the Resistance category previously mentioned in this here blog, right about here.

VOLUMIFIQUE Like before, this volumizing part of the Resistance line is designed for weak, naturally fine hair and adds volume to otherwise lifeless hair. The image on the right shows the products from left to right as I describe them. The shampoo (Bain Volumifique) and conditioner (Gelee Volumifique) offer structural reinforcement, a soft and evenly shiny finish, and complete absorption. As the name suggests, the conditioner is gel based rather than cream based so it really tries to help amplify your hair without weighing it down. Mousse Volumifique and Spray Volumifique are designed to add body as a lightweight mousse and a spray volumizer (duh, just read the names). They are best used on damp hair before styling.

Happy 50th post to us and happy volumizing to you,
Melissa – Salon Director