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shampoo – SHamˈpo͞o

January 4, 2014

an exciting word!… One of the more interesting words in the hair industry is shampoo. It can be a noun or a verb; clean you up and feel so good!

washing hair in sink from

Google defines shampoo as: (n.) a liquid preparation containing detergent or soap for washing the hair, and (v.) to wash or clean (something, esp. the hair) with shampoo.

The word shampoo in the English language dates back to 1762 and (by way of the Hindi word chāmpo) is derived from the Sanskrit root capayati which means to press, knead, and soothe. In the early years the word shampoo mostly referred to the cleansing and massaging services offered at bath houses. Later on the word meaning changed to something more simple of applying soap to the hair. Now the word means two things thanks to more modern formulas of shampoo (the noun) from the turn of the 20th century.

At Encore we have lots of nouns to choose from to suit any hair type and are more than happy to hook you up with a verb or two in our wonderful back-massaging, kickback-and-put-your-feet-up chairs – and yes, we literally have recliners for shampoo chairs so come in and check them out. – photo credit:

Stop in to see us soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

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