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Instant Love in a Bottle

January 7, 2014

What am I talking about? … Kerastase Fusio-Dose Instant Treatments

These super concentrated, “made-to-order” treatments are designed with the on-the-go client in mind. They can last several weeks in the hair and only take 5 minutes so they easily fit into your color, highlight, or cut appointments without making you run late for work or to pick up the kids. AND, they have versatility to suit most hair needs.

fusio_ashx There are four basic vials or Concentres (shown on the left side of the image) and four basic toppers or Boosters (shown on the right side) that are combined to make personalized formulas of hair happiness. There are at least 16 different formulas and can be increased to two Boosters for even more options!

The colors of the vials and toppers correspond to the colors and “jobs” of the other Kerastase product lines to make it easy to remember. Although there are some variations, the colors generally mean: pink for protection and shine of color treated hair, orange for nourishment of dry hair, green for reinforcement and strength of damaged hair, and purple for replenishment and density of fine hair.

So come in and check them out, we are happy to formulate a special mix specifically for your hair! It is pretty cool to see the Booster mix with the Concentre!

See you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

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