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Products to be Proud of; Kerastase Resistance +

February 4, 2014

As we get back to the product education side of this blog, we see a few of our old favorites reformulated and repackaged. The previous Volumactive line got a face lift and is now going by the name – Volumifique! This volumizing line is under the Resistance category previously mentioned in this here blog, right about here.

VOLUMIFIQUE Like before, this volumizing part of the Resistance line is designed for weak, naturally fine hair and adds volume to otherwise lifeless hair. The image on the right shows the products from left to right as I describe them. The shampoo (Bain Volumifique) and conditioner (Gelee Volumifique) offer structural reinforcement, a soft and evenly shiny finish, and complete absorption. As the name suggests, the conditioner is gel based rather than cream based so it really tries to help amplify your hair without weighing it down. Mousse Volumifique and Spray Volumifique are designed to add body as a lightweight mousse and a spray volumizer (duh, just read the names). They are best used on damp hair before styling.

Happy 50th post to us and happy volumizing to you,
Melissa – Salon Director

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