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to trend or not to trend…

March 20, 2014

…that is the question! With two fun, fresh trendy color styles why wouldn’t you go for a change?! To help you decide to “get-er-done” I will try to explain the differences between ombre, the hot trend that is still trending, and balayage (bah-lay-azh… think ‘Taj’ Mahal), the new trend on the Trending Train to Trendom. . . . . what?

The ever popular ombre style can include drastic color changes as well as more refined, gradient looks. Ombre generally refers to a style where the root color is darker than the color of the ends of the hair. Usually people keep their natural hair color as the base color or use something close to it to allow for an easy grow-out process. Sometimes we see reverse ombre or brightly colored ombre variations.
ombre looks The ombre style is most beautifully worn curly so get our your round brushes and curling irons. Here are examples →   on the left is a drastic color change and on the right is a beautiful, more gradient color change (actual color, cut, & style on the right is by our very own stylist – Hedieh!)
balayage looks The trend coming back for a 2014 revival is the balayage technique. Balayage as a technique started in France in the 70’s. The word is literally translated to “sweeping” which is the way a stylist ‘sweeps’ or paints the color onto the hair. ← This is sometimes used by itself and sometimes combined with the ombre style to give it a more fluid transition between colors. Generally, balayage is used to offer “sun-kissed” highlights or a more subtle change to the hair. The picture on left shows a more contrasting “sun-kissed” look while the right side show SJP with a subtle combination of ombre and balayage to soften the color around her face. Isn’t she hot?

So if you are hip and want a fresh start for your locks this spring (happy first day of spring today!) then stop on in and we’ll make it happen together!

See you soon,
Melissa – Salon Director

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