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Products to be Proud of; New Kerastase Nutritive

May 1, 2014

Remember back to May of 2013 when I described the benefits of the original Kerastase Nutritive orange line? If you said ‘yes’ but shook your head ‘no’ you can click here to go back and read about the line or just take my word for it – it was great for normal to dry hair!
nutritive irisome The new Nutritive line is similar to the old line in that it treats normal to dry hair from the inside out, offering moisture and natural shine. However, the new line uses Iris rhizomes which are kind of like plant roots (but a little bit more complicated) that add antioxidants and extra proteins to the products for even more softness and nourishing moisture. Most of the names of the new products are the same as before – Bain Satin 1 and Bain Satin 2 (shampoos), Lait Vital (conditioner), and Masquintense for fine hair and Masqueintense for thick hair (deep conditioning masks).
The two NEW, new products added to the Nutritive line are Immersion Nutritive and Touche Perfection. Immersion Nutritive (the larger bottle) is a pre-shampoo for very dry hair that adds protein and vitamins before shampooing the hair. Touche Perfection (the skinnier bottle) is a replenishing balm to nourish and smooth dry hair after blow drying or air drying. Touche Perfection is one of those great moisturizers to keep in your purse or your desk at work that helps rehydrate and tame static fly-aways that always seem to pop up halfway through the day! So feel free to stop in and ask us all kinds of questions about these and other new products!

See you soon!
Melissa – Salon Director

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